Castle Kidz is a childcare service that provides pre-school and after-school care for the local community.

We offer a pre-school service five mornings a week on a full and part-time basis.  Our service operates the ECCE scheme.

Our after-school service operates during school terms from 1.20pm to 6.20pm.  There is an option of an hour’s service between the 1.20pm and 2.20pm pickups from St Francis’ school.

We have a one adult to 8 children ratio for pre-school. This allows for more individual time to be spent with each child.

The current costs are:

€5 per hour

€7.50 per hour 1.20-2.20pm
€5 per hour after 2.20pm

Drop-in rate €7.50 per hour

Snacks are provided for each child at after-school

Available Activities:

There are several activities available for children of all ages to participate in while at Castle Kidz.

These include arts and crafts, music, yoga, board/card games, gardening, outdoor play, indoor games, cooking/baking, French.

Commencing After-School 

At the start of the year we ask parents to:

  • Make children, who are collected at 2.20pm, aware that they will be collected by a staff member at the connecting side gate from the school to the centre, not the main front gate
  • Ensure names are on all clothing, schoolbags, etc

Arrival and Departure

Arrival/Collection from School

  • Children leaving school at 1.20pm will be collected at the main school gate.
  • Children leaving school at 2.20pm or after will be collected at the connecting gate from the school to the centre by a staff member
  • A roster of children’s names will be taken once on the premises
  • Children will be escorted in to the building by a staff member


  • It is the policy of Castle Kidz that children may only be collected by the person(s) named on the registration form.
  • The parent/carer must notify the staff if an alternative named person is to collect the child. If this person is not known to staff members, they will be asked for identification.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the building.
  • The adult/carer is responsible for the child once they have left the classroom
  • Children must always be collected on time. In the event that late pickups become a frequent occurrence it will be mentioned to parents and a late fee will then be issued if late pickups continue


It is the policy of Castle Kidz childcare service to offer equal access to all children from the community including children with additional needs or special requirements, and irrespective of their culture, religion, membership of ethnic group or minority, or family background.

  • Each child must be of primary school age when enrolled at Castle Kidz.
  • Parents seeking to secure a place for their child must complete an enrolment form and pay a deposit
  • A completed enrolment form must be lodged with the service prior to the child attending the service
  • Children will be admitted on a “first come first served” basis, following submission of the enrolment form.
  • If there are no remaining places a waiting list will be drawn up.

Management reserve the right to amend this admissions policy at any time.